Lakehills United Methodist Church
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Capital Campaign



Well, it is taking some time for us to get our old fellowship hall torn down, but we are almost there. We have had several congregation work-days to prepare the interior and exterior for demolition. We have had asbestos tiles removed and interior asbestos removed as well. And now, we are almost there. Look at these pictures of our progress. 

There were so many small tasks to be completed. We had to find adequate storage for all that was in the fellowship hall. We had to move some of those things into to storage, and some into new locations so that we can continue to use them. You will see that we have turned the back portion of our sanctuary into a temporary fellowship area. We moved pews around so that they would not have to go into the outside storage areas. Nothing is where it used to be. We even had to move the kitchen sink. 

Now, we are just about ready to call the demolition finished. 

Celia Halfacre