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History of our Fellowship Hall

In the spring of 1959, a group of church members of the Bandera United Methodist Church went out in teams to survey Lakehills residents.   The response indicated an interest in establishing a Methodist church in Lakehills.  On June 14, 1959, the first services were held in a tent on Robert A Zigler’s property where the church is now located.  The Zigler’s then donated the property to the church.  By August 2, 1959, the North Medina Lake Methodist Church (now known as Lakehills United Methodist Church) was organized with the following charter members:  Mrs. Panchita Thomson, Mr. and Mrs. John Hammonds, Miss Loy Ed Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Zigler, Miss Jo Ann Zigler, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Otelle, Mr. Burgin Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Mann, Mrs. Johnnie Bartlett, Mr. and Mrs. John Provance, Mr. and Mrs. George Surber, Mr. and Mrs. John E. Brown, Miss Annie Marie Brown and Mrs. Edward Johnson.  By November 1, 1959 the grounds had been cleared and the people had a new building.  By 1962, a fellowship hall was added to the building.  The Medina Lake Volunteer Fire Department held their meetings in our fellowship hall as well.  

In 1993 a new sanctuary was built. The original church and fellowship hall was converted into our Fellowship Hall which regularly houses our Bread of Life Feeding Ministry, TWIGS afterschool program, Vacation Bible School, Nursery, Sunday School classes, Bible study and many other programs.   Due to years of wear and tear, the old fellowship hall needs to be removed and replaced.  This process began on March 7th and we hope to have our new Fellowship Hall dried in an available for use by the end of 2016.  

The years have passed and many changes have been made.  We are grateful for our Christian heritage, aware of the sacrifices of our forefathers and wish to thank all who have put in so much time, effort and prayers to make this a great church.  May our church live on and continue to reflect the glory of God in the hearts and lives of her people.

Avenue J and 8th Street
P.O. Box 565
Lakehills, Texas 78063

March 15, 2016
Dear Lakehills United Methodist Church Members and Friends:
Exciting times are upon us! Lakehills UMC is active and growing in so many ways, so much so that we have outgrown our current fellowship hall. You will recall that this building is well over 60 years old now. It has served our congregation and community well, but now the building is showing her age. We have bowing walls and a sagging ceiling. Equally important, we can no longer fit in the current building. We have so many community events that we want to host on our property – the Annual Fish Fry, Easter Egg Hunt, community Christmas Party and so many others – but we cannot fit.

It is time to grow our church and build a new fellowship hall. The good news is that we have already received donations of $240,000 which is a good start for this $500,000 project.  Many of you may have already given towards our building fund and for that we are extremely grateful.                                                       

The District has already given us their approval and blessings to proceed with our project.  Demolition of the old building is currently scheduled for early spring.  We have architectural plans for the finished product which will be accomplished in phases.  This, along with, utilization of local resources and talents of our members and friends means we will be able to build the project without debt.  Praise God!  The initial phase includes demolition and a dried-in functional building at a projected cost of $295,000.  As you can see this will quickly deplete our current funds on hand. 

We need your help!  We need your prayers and financial contributions.  To help facilitate this, you can contribute by debit or credit card via our secure site on our church website,  .  We have also set up a Go Fund Me account at the following internet address:  and you can print a receipt for tax purposes.   Of course, checks are welcome as well.  We have included a self-addressed envelope for your convenience.   We appreciate your support in any amount or frequency.   All donations are tax deductible. 

Most activities will continue as scheduled but may be relocated so watch for these details.  Thank you again for your spiritual and financial support and please feel free to share this information with your family and friends. 

God’s Blessings On You,

Rise Martin